8Minute Talk show — Zeinab Hassanzadeh Manager of planning and developing human resource at Mapna

8Minute Talkshow
3 min readMar 17, 2021


Shahrokh Imani: Hi, This is Shahrokh Imani. Welcome to the 8-minute talk show! Our meeting is with Ms. Hasanzadeh, Manager of planning and developing human resources at Mapna.

Zeinab Hasanzadeh: Hi, This is Hasanzadeh, Manager of planning and developing human resources. I got a BA and MA in governmental management at Shahid Beheshti University (SBU) and Ph.D. at Islāmic Azad University Science and Research branch. As my career, I started working at Mapna in 1388 as an HR manager, and I’m working as a Manager of planning and developing human resources there.

Shahrokh Imani: What expectations should a human resource manager fulfill for staff?

Zeinab Hasanzadeh: There are some expectations that an organization expects a manager and some which staff expects. Those who work in an organization expect a human resource manager in fields such as; employment, development, training to be purposive. The next step is to emphasize these methods instead of working based on individuals, work based on the structure. Honesty is important. They expect you to treat them with honesty and do your promises.

When a person enters an organization, and you ask him for an interview, if he is rejected, you should explain the reason, and if he passes the interview, an HR manager should give him a suitable position, I mean he should not be overqualified to be frustrated. Also, what he is doing should not overpass his abilities. Personnel expects an HR manager to arrange training classes as he must prepare the growth and improvement because the staff spends most of his time in the organization. The organization expects an HR manager to manage costs and leads personnel to achieve the organization’s goals. One of the hardest works which is being done is function management. It has four simple phases such as; set target, preceptorship, evaluation and, persuasive activities. These are being done by a manager therefore, he should be able to fulfill the phases mentioned.

An HR manager should set the target to achieve the organization’s target, manage functions, and check employees well. We have a problem in our organizations that managers give extra points to those employees who don’t deserve it. It is a bad culture that is seen in many organizations, and it has made it a challenge for us. If a manager wants to make a good and valuable system to help equal growth and improvement, he should manage the phases. Emotionally the hardest work for an HR manager is the time he is going to dismiss somebody from his job.

Shahrokh Imani: How do you deal with the lack of professional staves?

Zeinab Hasanzadeh: The most important reason for it is that many organizations have left the classic way of employment behind. They believe that knowledge or even skill will not guarantee an organization’s success. Wrong employment will cost them a lot. Hence, they try to employ a suitable person at first. Eligibility has been spread over the organization and the roots are in the study resources of Harvard University. they believed that intelligence is important to reach success, but now they believe that attitude, motivation, and worth are more important than intelligence and skill. When we search for professional staff, he should own the personalities that were mentioned if not, he will face problems in his job. When we are in the market we see many people that know something and they might have the ability, too. For example, a programmer knows both the knowledge and the skill. Except for those 3 features, other companies have other core competencies like flexibility, adaption, creativity, teamwork, etc. Many people don’t own them.

Shahrokh Imani: What study resources do you introduce to whom it may need?

Zeinab Hasanzadeh: I recommend those who work in the HR field to study the international company reports such as Delloite and Mckinsey. These two companies publish their studies and experiences freely.

Shahrokh Imani: Who do you invite to this talk show?

Zeinab Hasanzadeh: I invite Mr. Adami the HR manager at Meco to this talk show.

Shahrokh Imani: We talked to another successful manager and we’ll talk to others, too.



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