8Minute Talk show — Yaqoub Haqiqatnia CEO of Mahan Pharmed

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3 min readMay 3, 2021


Mansour Kiarash: Hi, we are beside you with another 8-minute talk show. Dr. Haqiqatnia, CEO at Mehrsam Pharmed, is our guest today.

Hi, you are welcome. I’ll appreciate it if you introduce yourself.

Yaqoub Haqiqatnia: Thanks for your invitation. I am Yaqoub Haqiqatnia. I obtained Ph.D. in chemistry. I started working in the medical field in 1379. I worked as a member of the research board and CEO in some companies. I’m working as the CEO of Mehrsam pharmed and the board manager at Mehrsam Arya Pharmed, now. This company produces high Tec drugs and drugs for cancers. After finishing some projects, we start producing in the country.

Mansour Kiarash: What are the features that affect the efficiency of an organization?

Yaqoub Haqiqatnia: if you motivate your staff well, you will reach efficiency. But you shouldn’t underestimate the effect of managers and the structure of the company. If I want to compare a public company with a private one, loyalty will be the only point for motivating staff in public companies. But in private companies, the company is the beneficiary, so other points except for loyalty affect the efficiency. The president observes some startups and knowledge enterprises like Mehrsam Pharmed and Mehrsam Arya Pharmed, and over 50 professional technicians are working in these companies. Both of these companies own the properties. So the benefit will return to the company.

I manage Mehrsam Pharmed company. We are producing withdrawals for addicted people. We produce this drug to help society to minimize the number of addicted people.

Mansour Kiarash: How much does branding affect your products as people need to have a prescription to buy the drugs?

Yaqoub Haqiqatnia: Branding will affect with the help of quality. Advertising won’t entirely help to brand, at first, we should introduce products with high quality, if they have good quality we’ll go through branding and advertising. We support the quality and efficiency of our products through advertisements. Furthermore, we can compare the side effect of our products with others. There’s an international standard for quality, but there are some limitations, as well. For example, there’s an appointed amount for the Acids that we use to make drugs. But if someone uses the minimum amount of acid no one can say anything. When somebody wants to start branding, and he owns a company, he should present the best quality. We should give people the best product. We should reduce the price of the products with the help of our researches. Then try to present products with high quality. If we do all of these, we could say that we’ve done whatever we could! If we don’t want to produce some drugs in Iran, we should ask for 75 million dollars, but the money that we have asked for is 3 million dollars.

Mansour Kiarash: What study resources would you introduce to our audiences?

Yaqoub Haqiqatnia: there are various resources, But what impressed me more was Dale Carnegie’s book. His books are about different fields such as; management, eloquence, and life.

Mansour Kiarash: Thank you. I would appreciate it if you introduce another guest to us that we use his information.

Yaqoub Haqiqatnia: there are many knowledgeable people, but the one that I enjoy participating in his meetings and conferences is Dr. Qanei. He has many jobs, but he had a great impression on startups and knowledge enterprises. I know him as a professor of business modeling. He has some creative models that I haven’t even heard of it in Iran.

Mansour Kiarash: Thanks for your participation.

Yaqoub Haqiqatnia: Thank you and your company.

Mansour Kiarash: We talked with a successful manager, and we will talk with others, too.



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