8Minute Talk show — Poorya Dolat Abadi, Marketing Director at Zareen Co

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4 min readFeb 9, 2021

Mansour kiarash: Hello, this is Mansour Kiarash and we are here with another 8minute Talk show today. We will talk to one of the youngest and experienced managers about FMCG and utilize his experiences.

I’d like to introduce Poorya Dolat Abadi to you. You are very welcomed.

Poorya Dolat Abadi: Hello, Thanks for your invitation. It’s such an honor.

Mansour Kiarash: Thanks for appearing. I’d appreciate it if you introduce yourself.

Poorya Dolat Abadi: This is Poorya Dolat Abadi. I’ve been working in the advertising, branding, and marketing field for 10 years. I started my work experience as an advertiser in Media House agencies. I worked in MazMaz.Co 5 years and I’m working for Zareen Co currently.

Mansour kiarash: What was the biggest challenge you’ve faced during your work experience as a marketer or brander?

Poorya Dolat Abadi: marketing manager is a small CEO in every organization, and should keep in touch with the whole organization. The biggest challenge is the interoffice connection, an important challenge is the connection between marketing managers and sales managers. I’d like you to know that we can plan our strategies according to the data. The biggest challenge which I faced during my work experience in the FMCG field of MazMaz Co was our one-sided relationship with customers and that was very hard to get some information about them and it cost a lot if we wanted to earn quantitative data about them. We had a project which was called Mazehland and it helped us earn some knowledge about our customers and get familiar with them as it made a connection between our customers and us, It looked like a Kiosk Business and we could sell a huge mass of product to our customers. It helped us sell better, collect information and, promote either. It is very hard to start a new business and make the connection with other departments in a famous brand, but we made it. As customers need to know the taste in the food industry, We could taste the flavor and get familiar with our customers’ segments and create a database from our customers’ treatment, therefore, start other researches. It gave us an accurate insight, and that was the best solution to dominate that challenge.

Mansour Kiarash: great!

Poorya Dolat Abadi: qualitative researches in strategy are not beneficial because they gave us primary data, but we need a bunch of data to cite as our knowledge also we should know that Are they possible to happen or not?

Mansour Kiarash: What you talked about was a good example of innovation and I’d like to know about its operation and structure whether you use a special operation or not?

Poorya Dolat Abadi: That was done based on teamwork and it was benched mark.

Nowadays brands don’t need to be creative as they can benchmark, we can use other successful companies’ ideas in our markets or we can use the unfulfilled needs of our customers to create innovation which is based on our information.

We wanted to pack some Sunflower seeds in crafts, unfortunately, we couldn’t do it due to some challenges such as material, etc and now this idea is being done by

MazMaz but the good point is that we got familiar with the material, and did some test on packages which any other industrial group hasn’t experienced these things. Actually, Everything is based on research, if we know their fulfilled and unfulfilled needs and sense their emotion, we can create a lovable and innovative product.

Mansour Kiarash: What is the best book you can introduce to us to achieve a high-rank job?

Poorya Dolat Abadi: I’d introduce “Customers Behavior” of “Michael Solomon” which was translated by Dr.Heidarzadeh, this book helps to get familiar with the psychological roots of peoples’ behavior for marketing managers.

Mansour Kiarash: Excellent, what features may help a marketing manager to stay at top levels?

Poorya Dolat Abadi: He/she should execute and has the experience of successful execution, different challenges and projects face us with various attitudes which help us stay updated, studying and benchmarking is useful but not as much as execution. Members of the organization express their opinion about 40–45 minutes every morning and we can use their knowledge.

Mansour kiarash: I wanted to know whether you can introduce an expert and knowledgeable person in marketing to interview with, in 1400 or not?

Poorya Dolat Abadi: one of my friends who works in the search field and, is very successful and encourages me to do researches is Mr.Daspac who is the Research Manager at Zareen Co.

Mansour Kiarash: Very well, We will invite him to participate in one of our talkshows thus we can utilize his experiences, and I want to thank you for spending your time with us and your good presentation.

Poorya Dolat Abadi: Thanks for your invitation.

I thank you all for paying attention to this talk show, We talked to a successful manager and we’ll talk to others, too.



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