8Minute Talk show — Pegah Mirrahim Marketing Manager at TohfeFood

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3 min readMay 18, 2021


Mansour Kiarash: Hi, we are beside you with another 8-minute talk show, and Ms. Mirrahim, the Marketing Manager at TohfeFood, is our guest today.

Hello, you are welcome.

Pegah Mirrahim: Hi, Thank you.

Mansour Kiarash: Thanks for accepting our invitation. I’d appreciate it if you tell us a little about your career.

Pegah Mirrahim: It’s been around 14 years that I am working in different fields of Marketing, but I started my career at the Informatics Society of Iran, and it helped me a lot to get familiar with the Marketing field, and I understood the needs of a company. Although I worked there for a short time, I am proud of that. After that, I started working at Golrang industrial company, worked as the Marketing Manager at MobinNet at 1392. then, I started working as the Marketing Director at Shatel operation. Finally, after 12 years of working, I got engaged with my newest challenge, and I decided to change my job field to FMCG. FMCG was full of new ways, and I should have passed them, and I am the Marketing Manager at TohfeFood, now.

Mansour Kiarash: What was the most complicated challenge that you have faced?

Pegah Mirrahim: A Marketing manager should decide based on earned data and should learn not to decide on the taste. So, as a Marketing Manager, you should learn to equip the company with various databases. In an Operation like Telecom, you can see the best type of database connection, and you decide on data, But in an Industry like FMCG, you can’t reach the database well, and there’s your challenge. So you should search for the data and reach it. For earning the data, I traveled everywhere and observed many markets with my Sales team.

Mansour Kiarash: Do you have any structure for innovation?

Pegah Mirrahim: there are various databases that you should use while innovating. For example, when you want to add a new product, you should cooperate with the market research group, database team and use different ways, because this way will lead us through innovation.

A marketing manager should observe the interaction and connection among the members of a marketing team to use different parts of a marketing department. There isn’t an eminent difference between a company that owns a marketing team and a company that doesn’t. The difference will stand out when the marketing team could base a new structure for marketing and has a new database for marketing every year. For example, I mixed some transmission system methods with FMCG, and some managers call it creativity.

Mansour Kiarash: Would you introduce a book to us that affected you, please?

Pegah Mirrahim: The book that impressed me is Purple Cow by Seth Godin. This book talks about creativity and innovation, and it has some recommendations for those who work at Markets. It invites people to think beyond the routine structures.

Mansour Kiarash: What activities and abilities help a marketing manager to stay at top levels?

Pegah Mirrahim: A marketing manager should study his field and accept new methods, utilize the experiences of those who are more knowledgeable than him, and shouldn’t have an inflated opinion of his experience, because he needs to work with new data every year.

Mansour Kiarash: I’d appreciate it if you invite a successful manager to this talk show.

Pegah Mirrahim: I invite a knowledgeable and experienced person, Arash Karimbeigi, the CEO at Shatel Mobile, to this talk show.

I invite Shaya Farrokhyar, the Marketing Director at MobinNet, to this talk show, as well.

Mansour Kiarash: Thank you, We talked to a successful manager, and we will talk with others, too.



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