8Minute Talk show — Mohamadreza Hasoumian Marketing director at SteelAlborz Co.

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3 min readMar 31, 2021

Soheil Nejat: Hi, we are beside you with another 8minute talk show. We are going to talk to Dr. Hasoumian. I appreciate his participation in this talk show. Would you introduce yourself, please?

Mohamadreza Hasoumian: I am Mohamadreza Hasoumian, Marketing director at SteelAlborz Co. My career is mostly in the sales and marketing field. I got my Ma at Shahid Beheshti and my Ph.D. at Tarbiat Modares University.

Soheil Nejat: What was the biggest challenge you faced in marketing and strategy?

Mohamadreza Hasoumian: We have a challenge in the distribution due to some weaknesses. The process of distributing for every company that sells goods and products is difficult. Many businesses have to save a lot of money in their bank accounts to solve the problems of distribution. The high cost of media such as; TVC, billboards is another problem but the cost could be justifiable if we could understand the exact feedback of media and advertising. Unfortunately, we can’t have the exact report such as; the number of viewers of an advertisement. So when we don’t have enough information and reports on the feedback, we can’t justify the costs. We face another challenge in different marketing parts such as; choosing the best target or the media that we want to use, identifying customer’s needs which all are related to lack of reliable data. When we don’t have enough data we can’t decide so, we’ll depend on marketing search projects that we have defined them and they all have tolerance. As we can’t reach secondary data of other countries, we have to use high tolerance data.

Soheil Nejat: How do you solve these problems?

Mohamadreza Hasoumian: There are many solutions. previous company that I worked in found its distribution method due to inefficiency of traditional distribution. Founding this kind of distribution for a car battery company cost a lot, and it was a big challenge. Getting involved with distributing was a challenge itself as we were supposed to evaluate the authenticity of new customers and the risk of dealing with them. Due to basement and logistics weaknesses, the distribution process costs a lot. As an example, to decrease the costs besides the sales, we based an order line to help remove the impact of logistics or help to record the customer’s order in assistance of order line and online services.

Soheil Nejat: Do you have any special structure for creativity?

Mohamadreza Hasoumian: creativity is teamwork. If we are supposed to express an idea or scenario for an advertising campaign, the evolution and implementation of this idea may happen in teamwork. A creative idea may be suggested by the graphist, but this idea should involve the advantages, features, traits, and functions of the product.

The first characteristic personality that a manager must have is the ability to comprehend other’s feelings and personalities. A manager doesn’t need money, facility, or finance but manpower. A manager needs to develop the ability of communications and persuasion to superintend staff.

Soheil Nejat: What study resources will you suggest to whom it may help?

Mohamadreza Hasoumian: I suggest Competitive Advantage by Michael Porter which had a great impression on me. Reading this book is a must for those who want to start a business.

Soheil Nejat: Who will you invite to participate in our talk show?

Mohamadreza Hasoumian: There are lots of professional people in marketing but the number of those who help to develop marketing is limited, so I invite Dr. Ebrahimi who works at Golrang Industrial Group.

Soheil Nejat: Thank you for participating in our talk show.



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