8Minute Talk show — Milad Seyed Javadein HR Manager at Hyper Family Modern

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3 min readApr 28, 2021

Shahrokh Imani: Hi, welcome to the 8-minute talk show. We have invited Milad Seyed Javadein, the HR manager at Hyper Family.

Hi Milad. You are welcome. I would appreciate it if you introduce yourself.

Milad Seyed Javadein: I am Seyed Javadein, and I am studying management at the university. I have been working in the HR field for years. I started my career in governmental companies. I am working in Hyper Family chain stores and, our team is helping them improve. I believe that the Hyper family will have a great future.

Shahrokh Imani: What kind of challenges have you faced as an HR manager during your career?

Milad Seyed Javadein: One of the challenges that we are facing these days is that the new generation people are entering the workplace, like the 70th-decade people, they define job differently, and they have different expectations. Another challenge is the lack of professional employers, there are many jobless people, but they are not suitable for a job. Some other challenges like new jobs, a new way of working like teleworking that many people use this way to work recently, teleworking helps the company reduce its costs. The main challenge in the HR field is that many CEOs think that HR managers increase costs. This thought has two reasons; the first is that it’s a force for many HR people are to work in this field, and working in that position wasn’t their decision because they didn’t have any other choices. So these people aren’t eager to work or even help the company to improve. The second is that the output of the HR field isn’t touchable. As an example, we haven’t explained the effect of recruitment and employment, the training class, and the performance evaluation on the company. If we make these outputs more touchable, reachable and relate them to the companies costs and benefits, we can help the company improves. We can fill the gap If we help HR people to have a better look at their job position and understand that what they do helps the company. HR people if act more professionally, can work with the strategy team as well, they can plan for the companies future. Maybe, they could legislate new rules like enrolling HR managers in the board of directors. When everything in the company is related to human resources, so why there isn’t any expert HR person on the board of directors?

Shahrokh Imani: How do you predict the future of the HR field?

Milad Seyed Javadein: There has been a lack of professional people. HR field is needed in the industry, cause it can develop and get a better result with the help of professional people. On the other side, the HR field has improved a lot during the last years, so we require knowledgeable and perfect HR teams. Those people with the ability to lead, discuss, and making decisions can work in this field.

Shahrokh Imani: What features and opportunities should a person have to work in the HR field?

Milad Seyed Javadein: He should be customer-oriented because our customers are in contact with us, and we are giving services to them, maybe they have faced a challenge and they’re upset, so we should behave them patiently and kindly even if we haven’t had a good day.

Shahrokh Imani: Who would you invite to this talk show?

Milad Seyed Javadein: I invite Mr. Kamyab, the deputy director of HR at Ofoogh Koorosh. I think he might have good information in the HR field

Shahrokh Imani: We talked to a successful manager, and we’ll talk with others, too. Wish you have enjoyed it.



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