8Minute Talk show — Milad Kiani CTO at Snapp Market

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3 min readMay 15, 2021

Sadegh Shahroodi: Hi, we are beside you with another 8minute talk show in the Technology field. Dear Milad Kiani from the Snapp Market team is our guest today. Please introduce yourself to audiences.

Milad Kiani: Hi, nice to meet you. I am Milad Kiani, and I am working in the Snapp Market for two years. I worked in the bourse before. I have worked in various fields.

Sadegh Shahroodi: What is the most important talent of a CTO?

Milad Kiani: A person who is working as a CTO should have had worked with many technicians. He should be wise enough to plan the road map for the team, and try to predict the result, as well. He should try to understand where the gaps are, and when there’s a risk in the plan. He should depend more on data, and get familiar with data apps. He should be good at knowing people because he needs to interact with a group of introverted people. He should make a connection between this team with others. He should give orders based on people’s ability.

Sadegh Shahroodi: How do you gather a team together?

Milad Kiani: Some of them gather together based on their fields like back and front end, and this method is traditional. But in the modern method, teams are formed based on product or the journey that a user might have. There are some pros and cons If we want to form a team based on the back ends or front ends. The pros are that people who are in a team have more in common with each other, and they can solve problems better, and the cons are that there will be a gap among different teams for interactions.

Sadegh Shahroodi: What does a CTO must and must not do?

Milad Kiani: a CTO should update his information, try to study his field one or two hours a day, try to have a good interaction with members of the team. He shouldn’t get far from development and engineering, and step by step they get far from the base of Technology. He shouldn’t get far and shouldn’t stop testing different technologies, because this might put the business at risk, and as the technology knowledge is updating regularly, you shouldn’t stop studying or searching in this field, because if you don’t update your knowledge, you can’t make a decision or you will make a mistake, and the result will end in collapsing a project or a team.

The most important thing that we must not do is micromanagement. Most of us participate in our job with a background, and we want to talk more about our job field and try to enforce our opinion. I think letting others independent is better than micromanagement because this might make some nodes, and it makes others sad.

Sadegh Shahroodi: What do you think about the number of new staves in the new year?

Milad Kiani: it depends on the situation in the country, and the situation of our country is leading many people through migration, and some prefer to stay in the country and work here. So, we still have our staves and our expert personnel. But they aren’t changing their companies, and this is making some problems in our country. We are losing some of our expert people, so we should enter some into the system as well.

Sadegh Shahroodi: How do you predict the IT future in Iran?

Milad Kiani: the way that we are passing could be repetitive, we are gathering a team to produce a product that might be tested somewhere else, and we want to produce a better one, or maybe we want to create a new one.

This way is repeating regularly, but the thing that matters is the importance of data in these companies. Data is important, and when there’s data news, it will be viral soon, because people have insight into that news, and this may help them decide on the business. There are some fields like AI that can improve in Iran, and some companies have decided to build some departments and start working in these fields. I think an important part of future technology is related to data like AI and IoT. Both of them are very important and used in many parts. Many businesses will need IoT soon.

Sadegh Shahroodi: Thanks for participating in this talk show Milad.



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