8Minute Talk show — Mehdi Namvar Motlagh Digital Marketing Manager at ACT cosmetics

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3 min readApr 12, 2021


Mansour Kiarash: Hello, we are beside you with another 8minute talk show. Dear Mehdi Namvar is our guest today. He is the digital marketing manager at ACT cosmetics.

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: Thanks for your invitation.

Mansour Kiarash: It is our honor. I’d appreciate it if you tell us about your career.

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: I am Mehdi Namvar Motlagh, and I work in digital marketing field.

Mansour Kiarash: Cool! Which brands do you work with?

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: I cooperate with ACT cosmetics. It contains MY, Schon, Calista, and Neoderm products.

Mansour Kiarash: What is the biggest challenge in your job?

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: promoting products is our main job at ACT cosmetics. Our products are usually for women, but we have some products for men in MY brand.

“Time” is our biggest challenge because digital marketing is a fast activity. Another challenge is the taste demonstration. These days every person owns a platform in social media, and in his opinion, he can start digital marketing. So he starts working with a blogger, but he doesn’t get good feedback. Digital marketing needs a background or some analyses.

Mansour Kiarash: How do you solve this challenge?

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: Digital Marketing is quantitative and you can measure everything. With the help of data and statistics, we solve the problem of consumer tastes. But about the time challenge, it needs experience. For fixing the time challenge, we need to prefabricate products. This will help us save more time.

Mansour Kiarash: I know that you are the CEO of a company, but at the time that we organized a meeting with you, you were the digital marketing manager, So we will continue our interview in the digital marketing field. Do you use a special framework for innovating?

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: Innovation is amazing in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the first field that faces new technologies. We have a new technology world, and innovation is important is very important in this world. There are some Digital Currency Passwords that everyone is engaged with them. There are some fields such as; AR and AI that are engaged with innovation, and they cooperate with digital marketing, too. Some products and platforms use artificial intelligence. Some learning machines help increase the technology tools efficiency. We can make new stands for cosmetics with the help of artificial intelligence. There’s no need to organize events, and we can execute digital events. Covid-19 causes more digital events.

Mansour Kiarash: What study resources do you introduce to whom it may study in your field?

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: Digital Marketing For Dummies is a great source for every person who studies digital marketing. Intelligent automation by Pascal Bornet is another source that I want to introduce to you.

Mansour Kiarash: What habitual activities help a digital marketing manager to stay at high levels?

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: being innovative and utilize world trends help us improve. One of the managers says, Our advantage is in our backwardness. We can utilize trends, and use the results for months in our country.

Updated information is a lot in online digital publications, and some applications list these updates based on your interest. Twitter is a cool virtual world, and it helps you reach the latest news.

Mansour Kiarash: Who would you invite to this talk show?

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: If you allow me, I’d like to invite 2 people to this talk show. The first is Dear Mohammad Shenavaei, Business development Deputy at Arian Chimia Tech. The second is Dear Alireza Zahraee, Marketing Manager at Barij Essence.

Mansour Kiarash: Thanks. We will invite both of them to this talk show.

Thank you for participating in this Talk show (Mehdi Namvar Motlagh).

Mehdi Namvar Motlagh: Thanks for your invitation.

Mansour Kiarash: We talked to a successful manager, and we’ll talk to others, too.



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