8Minute Talk show — Maysam Salmasi HR Manager at Pakshoo Industrial group

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2 min readApr 19, 2021


Shahrokh Imani: Hi, this is Shahrokh Imani. Welcome to 8 minute Talk Show. Maysam Salmasi, HR Manager at Pakshoo Industrial group, is our guest today.

Hi, Maysam. You are welcome.

Maysam Salmasi: Hi.

Shahrokh Imani: Introduce yourself, Please.

Maysam Salmasi: I am Maysam Salmasi the HR manager at Pakshoo Industrial group. I’ve been in the HR field for over 15 years.

Shahrokh Imani: What expectations should an HR manager fulfill?

Maysam Salmasi: Human Resources Philosophy is, based on courage demand, life, and organization’s need. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs can be interrupted in this philosophy.

Every cycle has its process in life. An HR manager should mentor the staff from his employment till the end.

Shahrokh Imani: What is the hardest duty of an HR manager? What challenges do you face in this job position?

Maysam Salmasi: The hardest duty of an HR manager is to stop working with a staff, or fire him. The second is talent acquisition. The third is inept persecutions.

Shahrokh Imani: Can you explain more about the last one?

Maysam Salmasi: Sometimes the staff makes persecution due to his less information about job rules. This makes some problems for the managers and HR managers, and In 90-percents the manager is the winner.

Shahrokh Imani: How do you solve the problem of lack of human resources?

Maysam Salmasi: Occupations divide into two groups, ordinary and professional. In the usual occupations, demand and supply are parallel. There aren’t many problems in employing staff for usual jobs. When there’s no equality between demand and supply, and academic institutes are dropped behind from the market’s new demands, we will face a lack of manpower. In some cases, institutes were teaching something for a long time, and after a while, we faced new updates in the market, so there’s no equality between the person’s skill and the job. This a problem that should be fulfilled during the next seven or eight years and institutes should train some talented people to reach equality in input and output of the institute.

Shahrokh Imani: What study resources do you introduce to our audiences?

Maysam Salmasi: There are various resources for the HR field. I ask those who work in this field to improve their knowledge of solution solving, be creative, and have a good sight of new tools and media. I suggest audiences read The Why of work by Dave Ulrich, and Google Rules by Laszlo Bock.

Shahrokh mani: Thanks for participating in this talk show.

We talked to a successful manager, and we will talk to others, too.



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