8Minute Talk show — Masoud Javidani Sales and Marketing Manager at Padideh Paydar Distribution Co. (Active).

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3 min readMar 30, 2021

Hello Dr.Javidani, Thanks for participating in our Talk Show. I’d be happy if you give us a brief introduction about yourself.

Masoud Javidani: Hello, this is masoud Javidani. I studied Marketing Management at Shahid Beheshti University and though got my Ph.D. there. I am the Sales and Marketing Manager at Padideh Paydar Distribution Co. (Active). I have been working in the Marketing field for over +10 years. Mostly I’ve worked in marketing development in many Distribution companies, and Fast-moving consumer goods.

What was the biggest challenge you have faced and dealt with in strategy or marketing during your career?

The function and concept of marketing are not defined in most of the Distribution companies in Iran. The marketing manager mostly handles and manages the sales function. It could be effective in many small companies for a while but, when we face a larger company it’s not effective anymore.

When we work in larger companies, Marketers play a role as marketing developers. Distribution markets and sales are those who make the basement of branding and brand identity for the owner and the sales managers.

Some execution functions are different schedules, sales plans, payments. Every project that is done in trade marketing should be monitored from the beginning and we should make the best decision while facing our competitors.

Marketing developers who play the role of marketing managers are not tended. Previously I explained that small companies don’t have the function of marketing, and larger companies don’t have these functions in strategic fields. This department has the duty of sales qualification and gives unity to the sales group and the plans depend on sales managers opinions.

Our team tried to employ expert people in marketing and use their knowledge in different parts of the marketing department. furthermore, we chose marketing experts as our chief managers. The brand owner could help us make a new point of view about marketing though his support was very important.

We use our customers, competitors, and sales team’s opinion to innovate. I can’t claim that we use a specific structure for innovation, but we try to do brainstorming in our sales team when we face a new challenge or competing with other companies. It’s needed to act or react very well in a competition and it’s reachable with innovation. Although crossing out what others do helps us in this case. Sometimes when we gather with our team together they explain what’s happening in the competitor’s team, we put those methods and ideas aside and search for other opinions. To be honest, executing a known process is more effective than innovation in marketing. We are unable to implement some methods in marketing. Sometimes innovation is not needed. The thing that matters is how to implement the known and standard methods.

The most important thing is to have high-quality products even in sanctions, lack of materials, and foreign exchange limitation.

What study resource do you introduce?

Masoud Javidani: I read a book two years ago which was very impressive, it’s called In Their Times.

Who would you invite to this talk show?

I invite my friend, Ali Akbar Peyman, who is a market development manager at Gol Pakhsh Company.

Thanks for accepting our invitation, I was glad to meet you.

We hosted dear Masoud Javidani, a successful sales manager, wish you’ve enjoyed this talk show.



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