8Minute Talk show — Marjan Soleimani Marketing Insight Manager at Digikala.com

8Minute Talkshow
3 min readJun 30, 2021

Mansour Kiarash: Hi we are beside you with another 8-minute talk show. Marjan Soleimani, the marketing insight manager at digiKala, is our guest today. Hi, you are welcome.

Marjan Soleimani: Hi, Thanks for your invitation.

Mansour Kiarash: You’re welcome. Dear Hadi Farsadi was going to be the host of this talk show, But he couldn’t come. Would you please tell us a little about your career?

Marjan Soleimani: I am Marjan Farsadi. I obtained my IT bachelor’s degree and MBA at Tehran University. I’m working in the Marketing field for 8 years. In the beginning, you aren’t professional. But soon you get familiar with your job. I worked at Reyhoon for a year, 3 years at Tapsi, and it’s been a year that I am working at DigiKala.

Mansour Kiarash: What are your challenges?

Marjan Soleimani: I must plan and compile the program and budget of DJKala. DigiKala has a core that is the site that you use, and there are other related businesses that we cooperate with them on planning and budget like Digi Style, DigiPay, Komodaa, etc. Budget planning isn’t a serious challenge. OKR setting for the marketing team needs a sharp focus. The correct identification of business demands and the business plan, and find out the contribution among the members of the team to reach the best result. Sometimes a new plan guides us through some targets. In this situation, every member of the team who is doing a special activity like branding or content production should work on the new plan to deliver the target, so reaching this plan might be a big deal.

Mansour Kiarash: What is the hardest part of your challenge?

Marjan Soleimani: A business plan abridges the orders, NMV, and other things. But there’s this question that how much we should spend on a brand to reach a good NMV. This process happens every 3 months, but the hardest one is for the beginning of the new year.

Mansour Kiarash: what is the role of innovation in your job? Do you have any structure for innovation?

Marjan Soleimani: we should be innovative in doing the jobs. What I care about and other team members are involved in it is the business sense. Business sense means knowing the correct way to do the job or the result of that before getting involved with data and analyses. I think about the result of the job before starting that. Whenever the job finishes, I compare the result with my estimations, and this process helps me to improve my business sense. If you did a job and you didn’t get a good result, you have made a mistake in the process execution, or you have chosen the incorrect target.

Mansour Kiarash: What study resources do you introduce to our audiences?

Marjan Soleimani: “Change your question, Change your life” is a book that helped me at my job. This book gives you some methods and tools that help you have a better look at life, and if somebody says something, you shouldn’t get it personal. It helps me to ask good questions from the stakeholders and receive the correct answer, as well.

Mansour Kiarash: what changes should a digital or offline marketing manager exert in life to stay up to date?

Marjan Soleimani: there’s a routine answer for this question, study and keep up with the data, but it’s not that much easy as we are working all day, so there won’t be any time left for staying up to date. Therefore, I think that there must be a force on this process. For example, I persuade myself to read an article every night, and I usually read them at HBR. But people have different personalities someone might like to read a book, so you should know your favors then persuade yourself to study. When you graduate from university, if you don’t keep up with the data, you will drop behind other people.

Mansour Kiarash: I’d appreciate it if you invite someone to this talk show.

Marjan Soleimani: I invite Mohammad Samiei, The CMO at Keshmoon. He is very successful at his job.

Mansour Kiarash: Thanks for accepting my invitation.

We talked to a successful manager and will talk to others, too.



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