8Minute Talk show — Mansour Ghalbi Talent Acquisition Team Lead at Tapsi

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3 min readApr 14, 2021

Shahrokh Imani: Hello, we are beside you with another HR 8-minute talk show, and Dear Mansour Ghalbi is our guest today.

Mansour Ghalbi: Hello.

Shahrokh Imani: Would you introduce yourself, please?

Mansour Ghalbi: I am Mansour Ghalbi, Talent Acquisition Team Lead at TAPSI. I’ve been working for around 12 years. I have studied psychology, and It’s my Ph.D. course, too. I worked as a talent acquisitive for five years. It has been some years that I work in Startups in the Recruitment and employment field.

Shahrokh Imani: How do you evaluate new employees? What challenges do you face?

Mansour Ghalbi: There’s an important question here, should we evaluate their personalities, or evaluate their skills? In organizations that they focus on personalities and believe that they can train the employees, the employer likes to employ some smart people. The employer believes that he can develop the organization with their help. That is a good idea. But, when we face the lack of manpower, we should put some of those personalities aside. There’s a problem these days, and it is diversity. When you limit your choice about employee’s personality, you limit the diversification of the organization. For example, if you like to employ calm people, you will limit the company.

There’s another point, some managers think they can’t control aggressive people.

There’s a solution, and it is choosing better leaders that can manage people together instead of making similar teams Because they can lead teams with various characteristics personalities. If you see that a manager wants an employee with special features like age, gender, or any other thing, you should suspect the manager’s leading ability. A talented manager should get a good result from the team’s activity. People with courage help a company to improve, so characteristics aren’t important. For a good evaluation, we should evaluate the cultural fitness, then employ people based on that culture. There’s a lack of manpower, so we shouldn’t make any limitation on employment. But, if the person that we are working with doesn’t love his job, that’s a big deal.

People don’t like you to evaluate their personalities. they ask you to evaluate their knowledge. They tell you, “ you want to employ a computer programmer, so you should focus on my knowledge, not my personality.” His personal information like his music taste, the number of his brothers/sisters, the book he reads, or his hometown is related to him. So, the company shouldn’t engage these questions. With a better sight and opinion, we can help the company improves and help it employ easier.

Shahrokh Imani: What expectations should a human resource manager fulfill for staff?

Mansour Ghalbi: When people do activities in the company, and they think that activity is disregard, or their job career is in danger, by paying attention to them we can help them grow in their job position and finance. When we see people and regard their affection, we help them feel competent. By this, they will be more effective. Human resources managers should help them feel competent and by this, they can help the employees and company.

Shahrokh Imani: Who do you invite to this talk show?

Mansour Ghalbi: I invite Abdollah Zera’at Pisheh, CHRO at Tapsi. He is working in the HR field for over 20 years. He is very knowledgeable and experienced.

Shahrokh Imani: We talked to another successful manager in this talk show, wish you’ve enjoyed it.



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