8Minute Talk show — Iman Pouryounes,Trade Marketing Manager at Solico Group

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3 min readFeb 28, 2021

Mansour Kiarash: Hi, we are beside you with another 8minute talk show. We are going to talk to a great trade marketing manager who’s working at Solico Group, I’d like to introduce Dear Iman PourYounes to you. Hello, dear Iman.

Iman Pouryounes: Hi.

Mansour Kiarash: You are welcome, I’d appreciate it if you introduce yourself.

Iman Pouryounes: This is Iman Pouryounes. I’m the Trade marketing manager at some Solico subgroups and I’ve been working in this field for some years.

Mansour Kiarash: what was the biggest challenge you’ve faced in marketing or strategies?

Iman Pouryounes: I’ve worked in young and new job fields those which should be focused more, so one of my biggest problems was how to make a coherent group which they include financial, sales, marketing groups, and others, which they can help improve a business or achieve our goal. I tried to solve this issue by game fiction for example by planning a game fiction for a sales group I could attract their attention to a low-value product.

Mansour Kiarash: I’d be really happy if you explain a little about your job activities as your job field has many aspects?

Iman PourYounes: Trade marketing is a field that is connected with the sales group, business managers, customer activities, and it involves different aspects to conclude that product. In Trade marketing we cooperate with 3 different parts; the first Sales team, the second our clients and the third our purchaser. There’s a difference between our client and our consumer that our client isn’t necessarily our final consumer.

In the Trade marketing field, in the sales point, we try to recognize some of our consumers’ activities such as bargaining or their interests in getting attracted by a product to convince them to buy it.

There are some training courses for the sales team about ways of selling a product or the usages of every tool in selling in Trade marketing.

There are some promotions planned for our clients and markets which helps us sell more products. there are some programs like share friends and others which help us keep in touch with shoppers to sell more of our products to them and put them in the reach of final consumers.

Mansour Kiarash: as you said you work on some products that are being launched recently, so do you have any special structure for innovating?

Iman Pouryounes: the first step is that we need to sell the product to our team cause if we could do it, our sales team can sell it to the shoppers, shoppers can sell it to the consumer and it’s done by game fiction. It helps to make a better and intimate relation between the sales team. We get inspired by some applications such as Quiz of Kings and use it as our game fiction plan.

Mansour Kiarash: I’d be very happy if you introduce a book to us which had an effect on you or will help our visitors to reach the top level?

Iman Pouryounes: there’s a book which had a great impression on me and it’s called “Leading” by Alex Ferguson. It’s a great book and I tried to highlight the main ideas and take a look at them once in a while.

Mansour Kiarash: what habitual features may help a marketing manager to stay at top levels?

Iman Pouryounes: there are three important habits, the first is optimism, the second is study and the third is self-encouragement. These are very important for working in an organization as they help to self-development, be enthusiastic for their job and help them find a way for selling their products.

Mansour Kiarash: Very well, thanks for sharing your experiences. I wanted to know whether you can introduce an expert and knowledgeable friend to us who can interview with us in the next talk show, or not?

Iman Pouryounes: I’d introduce Mr.Chamankar who is the Brand Manager at KheiliSabz to you.

Mansour Kiarash: we’ll meet you in the meeting with Mr.Chamankar again. Thanks for spending your time and sharing your knowledge with us.

Iman Pouryounes: I was glad to meet you.

Mansour Kiarash: we talked to a successful manager and we’ll talk with others, too.



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