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3 min readMay 1, 2021


Hi, we are beside you with another 8-minute talk show. We have invited Hamidreza Vosoughi. He is the CEO of Tordilla. I would appreciate it if you introduce yourself.

Hamidreza Vosoughi: Hi everybody, thanks for your invitation. I am Hamidreza Vosoughi, and I was born in 1368 in Rafsanjan. I’ve been the CEO at Tordilla for ten years. I have worked in different fields such as; producing and distribution. These days we are busy with a new project, Hug, and we will finish it in the next two months.

What are the features of an efficient organization?

Hamidreza Vosoughi: when you are working on a project, and you achieve your goal, you have an efficient organization, and the range of efficiency isn’t necessary. If you want to have an efficient company, you should have a good sight of past, present, and future. We should look at past trends to conclude and to understand the time of sales peak, and let the result circulate all over the system. When staff gets the correct order from his employer, and he gets motivated to work on the BI software with courage. So, he will see how efficient is his activity, and it may help the organization to have efficient staves and company. I recommend every organization utilizes BI in its system, as it helps them have correct sight of their organization in every field like marketing, sales, and distribution.

Is introducing products and services effective? Or the job process management?

Hamidreza Vosoughi: when there’s a demand for a product, it means we have set our target correctly. The next point is the HR department of the organization that should process some activities to help the product get on the sales shelf. When all of these gather together, they make identification and help us sell the products. The thing that helps to make all these happen is the brand. Brand helps the product to get identified and causes the consumer to use it.

If you were supposed to choose supply chain or sales shelf, which one would have you chosen?

Hamidreza Vosoughi: if we think of it as archery, the tip of the arrow is the sales. If there’s no sale, what’s the importance of the product, Let alone the supply chain! How did Didi get the brand? It presented a distinct value.

What interaction with managers of your organization helps you have better efficiency?

Hamidreza Vosoughi: when you try to have a good sight about what’s happening, other managers ask you to help them have a perspective the same as yours, and they ask you to give them some panels to help them learn how to have a better sight. When it happened our interactions went awry. when I was looking at something on my screen, others could see that, too. There was no need to prepare a report. We could share our screens, see the same trend, and talk about it at the moment. So we could reach a better resolution of what’s happening. All of these will happen if all managers respect each other.

If we make a decision and there’s an interaction between a chief manager and me, it’s better to be statistics. We are one of the few companies that have quantitated the quality of our products, and every two hours our products are scored from 100 points. The chart is based on numbers from 1 to 5, and every two hours, we are filling these charts, drawing a diagram. Finally, the products are scored from 100.

What study resources or books you introduce to our audiences?

Hamidreza Vosoughi: if I want to give a mark to myself, I will give 7 to myself. I decreased 3 points Because I haven’t read books during my lifetime. One of my mistakes is that I haven’t read books well during my life. I usually listen to Podcasts, but reading books is something else, and one of my bad habits is that I don’t read books. But I’ve listened to those podcasts that were based on my favorite books. I introduce Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, and it is a book by Yuval Noah Harari. This book isn’t related to marketing or sales, it’s about self-knowledge.

Who would you like to invite to this talk show?

Hamidreza Vosoughi: if you allow me, I will invite two people. The first, Iman Ziaei, CEO at Mazbar. The second, Farnaz Foroutan, CEO at Pilipili.

Today we talked with Hamidreza Vosoughi, the CEO at Tordilla. He is a young and successful manager. I wish you enjoyed it.



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