8Minute Talk show — Hadi Farsadi, Former Digital Marketing Manager at TAPSI

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3 min readFeb 14, 2021


Mansour kiarash: Hello, this is Mansour Kiarash and we are here with another 8minute Talk show today. In this talk show, we are going to introduce a successful marketing manager to you, who is an expert manager at digital and traditional markets. I’d like to introduce Hadi Farsadi to you. Hi dear, You are very welcome.

Hadi Farsadi: Hi, Thank you. I’m so glad to see you.

Mansour kiarash: Thanks for appearing. I’d appreciate it if you introduce yourself.

Hadi Farsadi: This is Hadi Farsadi. I’ve been working in the marketing field for 10 years, and I worked in different marketing positions. I studied MBA at Tehran University. I started my professional marketing career in different advertising agencies. Soon I started my job as a client then I worked as the brand manager of Barijesans which is a herbal medicine company also it’s the leader in marketing and has worked for 25 years. We could rebrand this old company successfully and that was a nice experience. finally, I worked as the digital marketing manager at TAPSI.

Mansour Kiarash: what was the biggest challenge you’ve faced in marketing or strategies?

Hadi Farsadi: as a chance, I’ve worked both at offline and online businesses. I’ve faced the same challenge at both of them and that was in the human resources field. It was mostly about finding a good, knowledgeable and professional person for the right position, and he should agree with Organizational Culture.

In the FMCG field, there are many challenges for matching the sales and the marketing team as they found a strategy based on different scales and categories of products, those targets which are discussed for a special season, and the unity which should happen in the sales team by that strategy. Dealing with it should be done by a professional marketing manager.

In the Digital field, a business should be scaled and grow well which is a big challenge I dealt with while I worked at TAPSI. This kind of scale is a necessity for a Digital market which I name that “Innovation”, something that’s a combination of creativity and innovation in the marketing field and helps you deal with this challenge. Innovation helped me find new, pure channels, and those channels which were out of other competitors’ reach and were connected with my customers’ media habit, in TAPSI company.

Mansour Kiarash: what’s your structure for being innovative?

Hadi Farsadi: some internal businesses worked abroad, they blazed the trail and they are very famous and somehow we can simulate customers’ value they use in ours, so we can benchmark abroad companies against our companies by knowing the challenges and issues they face and the solutions they utilize. Benchmarking helps us think and do differently as an example we can compare different challenges and solutions and decide which one is the best to choose to solve our challenge.

Mansour Kiarash: What is the best public or expert book you can introduce to us to improve our personality traits or personal knowledge in the marketing, strategies, or branding field?

Hadi Farsadi: I recommend “Brand Relevance” by David Aaker which indicates a new paradigm of branding. I am very interested in behavioral economies and an author whose name is Dan Ariely and has published a book which is “predictably Irrational”.

Mansour Kiarash: what features may help a marketing manager to stay at top levels?

Hadi Farsadi: I do believe that a combination of some personalities leads us to stay at top levels, I always try to learn new things from higher managers or even the team that I’m working with them. Another feature is passion, we are all common people, and the only distinction between us is the passion we have in our jobs. the last one is the reason which eagers you to wake up in the mornings.

Mansour Kiarash: thanks for sharing your experiences I wanted to know whether you can introduce an expert and knowledgeable person in marketing to interview with in the next talk shows, or not?

Hadi Fasadi: I’d invite Ms.Soleimani to participate in this talk show. She is Marketing Insight Manager at Digikala.

Mansour Kiarash: Very well, we will organize a meeting with her. we talked to a successful manager and we’ll talk with others, too.



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