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4 min readFeb 6, 2021

Hello, this is Mansour Kiarash and today we are here with another 8minute Talk show. We are going to discuss with one of the youngest and the most energetic managers and utilize his experiences in his job.

I want to introduce Ashkan Eshghi, The manager of “My” company.

Mansour Kiarash: Hello dear Ashkan you are very welcomed.

Ashkan Eshghi: Thank you. Hello to you and your honorable visitors. This is Ashkan Eshghi, I’ve been working in Arian Kimia Tec marketing for 3 years, and now I’m the Brand Manager of “My” and “Pharmaceris”.

Mansour Kiarash: Perfect. let’s go throw our questions, What was the biggest challenge you’ve had during the marketing or even monitoring marketing?

Ashkan Eshghi: I’m going to divide your question into two parts, part one is internal to the organization’s activities and part two is external to the organization activities.in internal to the organization activities the trouble is how to achieve unity and consultation and due to this we should make a consultation for example as I was talking to the accountants before taking part in this group there was this question that “when we have produced something and it’s being sold so what’s the advantage of marketing” so we tried to explain everything even our minor activities to those who are working with us. fortunately, I got the feedback after two months at a conference as everybody was satisfied. As you know two months ago a football team which Adel Ferdowsipour was the leader was sponsored by us, this event was very effective in selling our products. When you achieve unity in your group, activities are done better.

Mansour Kiarash: thank you and could you tell us a little about external to the organization challenges?

Ashkan Eshghi: external to the organization challenge is a trouble for every company, let me explain a little about it for our visitors. As an example, the products of “My” for men has lots of problems whit Ershad ministry while indicating in subway stations, or another problem is that we are not allowed to rent billboards or have advertisements on TV for our cosmetics, and lots of other problems in achieving our goals from our ideas in our job. The most important challenge in our job is the step of “idea to implementation.”

Mansour Kiarash: and what will help to reduce the effect of this challenge?

Ashkan Eshghi: in my point of view three features are very important: the first is being energetic

The Second: being organized and scheduled (do your job as your to-do list)

The third: being patient

Mansour Kiarash: probably you would have some serious challenges such as social media limitations, etc. certainly you can deduct some of them with innovation, and there’s this question that how are you going to utilize this innovation? Does it have any distinctive base?

Ashkan Eshghi: Innovation is very similar to authorship in the case of creativity and idea procession so we try to arrange some thinking room in our projects. You should have a story for what you are going to do in marketing in its special case. One team will be gathered together and they will cooperate and consult together until they find a clue. I do believe that consultation and creativity are very important in marketing, even once I invited our human resource manager and utilize his good ideas.

Mansour Kiarash: if you were supposed to introduce a book which helps us improve in our job and achieve the high levels, what would it be?

Ashkan Eshghi: I would like to introduce “Marketing 3.0” and “Marketing 4.0” of Philip Kotler, which Marketing 4.0 talks about Digital Marketing and the Modern world of marketing

Mansour Kiarash: What features in your life will help you to stay at a high level of brand management?

Ashkan Eshghi: The one who’s working in this cases should be up-to-date as a simple example in the last decade we have an unusual growth in online shops and digital marketing mostly in our companies and I think this is very important to update our knowledge by the pass of time, here there’s an example of “Pepsi” company.

in the 80th-decade men’s taste was more approvable and Pepsi’s logo was giant with big fonts so we understand that they design the logo based on taste and people’s manner but in this decade it has been reversed and most of the things are based on women’s taste such as modeling.

So Pepsi decided to change its logo and make a smaller one with a better font. this is very important to carry on based on people’s taste in marketing as it gets different day by day.

Mansour Kiarash: thanks for sharing your experiences. I wanted to know whether you can introduce an expert and knowledgeable person in marketing or not?

Ashkan Eshghi: one of my good friends “Mr. Namvar” the manager of Arian Kimia Tec holding who has done lots of valuable jobs since four years ago.

Mansour Kiarash: we’ve talked to him before he is one of the active and pleasant people I’ve seen it’ll be our honor if he’d like to participate in one of our 8-minute talk shows, we’ll prepare an invitation on behalf of you.

Thanks for watching this Talk show, we’ll be here with other Talkshows



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